Latest News

February 18, 2014: Version 1.18

November 6, 2014: Version 1.17

November 2, 2014: Version 1.16

October 25, 2014: Version 1.15

October 5, 2014

Several new and updated loco files are available in the "Files" section.

September 19, 2014: Version 1.14

September 1, 2014: Version 1.13

August 29, 2014: Version 1.12

August 21, 2014: Version 1.11

August 16, 2014: Version 1.10

August 13, 2014: ...and the second part of the "Doh!" fix...

Version 1.02 should also make the "Message box close" key ( Numpad - ) work with TS running in a window.

August 12, 2014: ...and a small "Doh!" fix...

Version 1.01 is up, fixes a problem with the "Message box close" key ( Numpad - ).

August 12, 2014: CVK 1.0 Released!

Well, this took a while longer than expected. First I spent quite some time on my dead-end TapControls idea (which would have expanded CVK with tools to improve the handling of cab controls, but in the end proved too unstable for public release). Then the addition of a 9th cab view settings key (see changelog below) meant I had to revise all my 70(+) loco files.

Following that, putting up this web page also gave me a great opportunity to delve into the mysteries of HTML5, which are many and varied. It takes some time to get a grasp even at a fairly basic level...

Anyway, the first "proper" version of CVK is here at last!! The following changes have been made since 1.0 beta 2: